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Program Director - (OMHC)

Program Director – Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC)

Services Description

  1. Responsible for day-to-day operation and organization of program.
  2. Responsible for fulfilling the administrative requirements under COMAR 10.21.17.
  3. Responsible for maintaining sufficient staff, including recruiting, hiring, scheduling, and terminating.
  4. In collaboration with the medical director, responsible for ensuring staff compliance with credentialing and privileging.
  5. In collaboration, when appropriate, with the medical director, responsible for ensuring that all staff are appropriately trained and supervised.
  6. In consultation with the medical director and program staff, responsible for identifying staff training needs required to maintain program standards.
  7. Responsible for developing and implementing the budget.
  8. Responsible for keeping the governing body informed of, at minimum the program’s approval status and performance.
  9. Supervisor of Social Workers.  Will assign caseloads.  Will meet on a weekly basis with social workers and as needed to supervise; assessment of patients; formulation and implementation of goal plans; day to day case management function; timely completion of required forms and paperwork.
  10. Scheduling.  Will oversee scheduling of patients to see program psychiatrist on a regular basis and as needed.  Will schedule presentation of perspective patients and staffing of patients on a rotating basis.  Will oversee daily program in regard to organization and adherence to schedule.  Will conduct groups as needed.  Will provide general supervision.
  11. Vocational Program.  Will develop, implement and supervise a vocational program that assesses and meets the needs of patients and provides in-house daily work activities, vocational training groups, and volunteers’ positions in the community.
  12. Will provide patient coverage in the absence of social worker, as able.
  13. Will facilitate in service training for staff.
  14. Available for crisis consultation and management.
  15. Available to coordinate with outside practitioner.
  16. Will perform other duties as assigned.
  17. The Program Psychiatrist as needed will provide clinical supervision.  In the event the program director is absent or not present, then the designated Social Worker will be in charge.  The Designated Social Worker will be appointed by the Program Director and will be a person having at least a bachelor degree or six years of experience in the field.  If both the Program Director and the Designated Social Worker are absent or not present then the social worker with the most seniority with RIMS Center will be in charge.


MA in counseling, psychology, social work or related area or five years mental health service experience and two years supervisory experience.