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Team Building Activities

Team-Building Activities

For teens, team building activities help build life skills like problem solving, working together, understanding others and leadership. A counselor leads these activities in such a way as to elicit the very best from each teen.

In teenage years, kids are still trying to work out who they are and where they fit into society. That’s where outdoor team building activities can help. Counselors are encouraging and supportive. They help kids rise to the challenge as they discover their true potential.

Team-building activities often involve problem solving, physical challenges, dependency and trust games, and team building activities that are creative. Raft-building, theater improvisation, scavenger hunts, egg races, go karting, soap box derbies, sailing, egg toss and human pyramids are just a few examples.

Key factors in team-building

  • Teens prefer “challenges” instead of just being told to do some task.
  • The activity has to be fun, offer some reward or give kids a sense of achievement. Teens want to see clearly what they will get out of the activity.
  • Every goal must be achievable, to prevent kids from feeling demoralized – or simply giving up.

Through these team-building activities, kids learn to encourage each other, work together, solve problems – and they learn more about themselves in the process.