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Parenting Group

For parents, the job of raising a child may be overwhelming at times. Parents face greater challenges in raising children in today’s stressful culture. If the child has a mental health disorder, the parenting responsibilities are especially difficult. And yet, parents receive no training to prepare them for their role.

That’s where we can help. At RIMS, we offer parenting groups – facilitated by a professional child and family therapist – to provide parents the guidance they need. Our programs offer training in effective parenting techniques for children in all age groups. Each parent group serves to educate parents on core parenting techniques:

  • Teaching your children about mutual respect
  • Learning the power of encouragement
  • Understanding successful communication skills
  • Implementing effective (peaceful) discipline techniques

In our parenting groups, we’ll also discuss problems the parents are currently facing. We can learn from each other, and from the child and family therapist.

These parenting tips will help you confidently make better parenting decisions. You will know how to better handle challenging situations when they arise. You and your children will be happier.

RIMS Core Parenting Techniques