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Intake Process and Forms

Make A Referral

We are a comprehensive behavioral health care facility.

The Referral Process

A. Referral Form

  1. Upon receiving a Referral, RIMS will inquire through the public mental health system (PMHC), an individual’s eligibility to receive services through our program.
  2. Individuals who are uninsured may be eligible under the Maryland Uninsured Program; complete the Uninsured Questionnaire and submit with the Referral form.
  3. If a patient is not eligible to receive mental health services with RIMS, the patient and/or the referral source will be notified.

B. Screening and Assessment

  1. An Intake Coordinator will contact the individual referred or the guardian when applicable, to collaborate a day and time to complete a Mental Health Assessment. This will assist RIMS with establishing goals for recovery, strengths, and treatment needs.

We provide a triad of services that has proven to assist patients with coping and the recovery of mental health illnesses.