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About Treatment & Recovery

Welcome, and thanks for visiting this site!

This is a Website about the mental health recovery process—a Website about living a full, productive life after a diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar I disorder. If you love or care for someone who lives with one of these conditions, we’d like to help you too.

Mental health recovery is an ongoing journey. There are good and bad days, and the recovery process can be challenging. While managing a mental health condition is an important part of your life, it does not have to define you. Your unique talents and abilities, your hobbies and interests, and your meaningful relationships are all immensely important as well.

Sound information and helpful support from trusted people and resources can provide strength through the recovery process. They also can lend hope for the future.

RIMS Recovery Website is a place to come for support and information on mental health conditions. The intent is to empower visitors with the tools needed to create an effective mental health recovery plan and to become more engaged with their recovery team. A recovery plan can help people with a mental health condition meet personal goals.

Everyone’s mental health recovery process is his or her own. The vision for this site is to provide useful information that inspires people to take ownership of their unique and personal recovery experiences.

Defining the Mental Health Recovery Process

A traditional way of defining recovery from a medical condition is that the symptoms of the condition have passed and are not expected to return. For example, if a person breaks a bone and then it heals, he or she has recovered.

Mental health recovery is an ongoing process, not one single outcome. It is not possible to predict the future for every person living with a mental health condition. The experience can vary widely from one person to the next. That’s why mental health recovery plans are individualized and tailored toward each person’s unique needs.

There are many elements of a recovery plan. By making a specific, proactive plan for managing a mental condition that encompasses different areas of life, a person has the best possible chance of feeling that he or she is living a life that is meaningful.