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Case Management

Case management

In every healthcare setting, including RIMS, every patient has a “case manager.” This is a social worker or nurse who will act as your key contact during treatment. Your case manager will interact with others involved in your care – therapists and doctors – in making sure you get the treatment you need. This is all part of the case management process.

A good case manager will work with you to help you identify your goals and needs in the treatment process. From that assessment, your case manager — together with you and your family (if appropriate) – will create a plan to meet those goals. 

Your case manager will help sort out the details, and make sure your needs are being met. You should feel comfortable asking your case manager any questions about your treatment. If something doesn’t seem right, talk to your case manager.

Your case manager is your advocate, and can speak to doctors, therapists or others on your behalf. The goal for your case manager, and for anyone on the team, is to help you. Your wellness, your ability to handle the details of everyday life, and your recovery are your goals. Your case manager will help make sure you reach those goals.