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In-Home Wraparound Services

In-Home Wraparound Services

At RIMS, we believe that children are best helped by a “wraparound plan” – a plan that is developed especially for that child, and is focused on the child’s strengths and needs.

The wraparound plan is created by the people most concerned about that child. Family members, teachers, therapists and others all collaborate to develop the plan.

The services in a wraparound plan differ from traditional mental health services because they:

  • Take place in the homes of families and in settings in the community, rather than in an office setting 
  • Are convenient for families, including after-school, in the evenings or on the weekends instead of only during office hours
  • Focus on kids being active and learning to make positive choices, rather than talking about problems
  • Engage kids and family members in positive activities that interest them and meet their goals — instead of focusing on stopping negative behaviors. 

Wraparound services are generally considered among the most effective interventions for children with emotional, behavioral and mental health needs and are essential to any children’s mental health system. Studies have has found that these children make substantial improvements when provided wraparound services instead of institutional care, including that they:

  • Are hospitalized less often
  • Have fewer arrests and stays in detention
  • Sustain their mental health improvements
  • Have less suicidal behavior
  • Have better school attendance and achievement

Wraparound services indeed “wrap their arms around” these kids – helping them get onto a better, happier path.