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Teen Support Group

Teen Support Group

Many teens feel moody at times, but that low feeling evolves into depression for too many kids. In fact, one in 4 teens suffer from serious depression today. Unless depression is treated, teens often turn to alcohol, drugs, crime or sex. For some, there is even risk of suicide.

What causes this depression? For some kids, the problem is stress at home or school. Over time, this may evolve into what we call clinical depression, a serious form of depression. Others struggle with bipolar disorder, with periods of depression followed by periods of elation. In both cases, there may a family history, and the teen may have a chemical imbalance in the brain.

These teens must get prompt treatment to prevent high-risk behaviors that threaten their safety. A professional psychotherapist is a critical component of treatment, to determine the most helpful treatment, including meditation. Teen Support Groups also play an important role.

Teen Depression

RIMS’ Teen Support Group

Teens need a safe, non-judgmental place where they feel free to express their true feelings. In a Teen Support Group at RIMS, they can talk about friends, dating, sex, bullying, peer pressure and parents. They can talk about everyday problems. A professional therapist facilitates the group, and helps teens understand and handle their problems. The group setting serves to build self-esteem, self-awareness and a positive outlook.

In the group, the teen will learn that a mental health condition isn’t their fault. It’s not their family’s fault. These conditions are complicated, but it’s possible to live with them.

Increasingly, teens and young adults are becoming more vocal about their experiences. They’re realizing there is nothing to be ashamed of in having these problems. By supporting each other in a Teen Support Group, they are learning how to move on – and look forward to life ahead of them.