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Peer Leadership Groups

Peer Leadership Groups

At times, students can learn more from fellow classmates than they can from adults. That’s the premise of Peer Leadership Groups.

During the school year, high school students participate in these school-based peer-mentoring programs. The goal is to help younger students improve the social skills and/or academic achievement.

Peer Leadership groups also teach that everyone is a leader. The classes help students identify their innate leadership skills. They learn how to use those skills to be more successful and effective in daily life, including work life.

The program consists of “leaders” (senior high) and “helpers” (younger students) who work together to design, develop and implement activities and special events at their school. The goal is to have a positive impact on the community, and have fun.

In the process, the students develop a sense of their own personality and innate leadership style. This boosts their confidence, and their ability to make good decisions – and influence others’ decisions. They also build important relationships with other students who are a positive influence.

Being part of a peer leadership group is exciting for a student. They meet new people who accept them, nurture their potential and have fun. It’s a great experience for all involved.