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Medical Director

Medical Director

Consultant/Contract Exempt

Services Description

The Medical Director’s primary role is as the OMHC senior clinical leader. As such, s/he provides advice and counsel to the CEO regarding a broad range of clinical, clinical policy, programmatic, and strategic issues. S/he also provides leadership and mentoring to the OMHC clinical staff, and as a key member of the OMHC executive leadership team, contributes to setting the OMHC strategic direction. The Medical Director also establishes and promotes the professional, clinical, and ethical values and standards to which all clinical staff are expected to adhere. As such, the Medical Director must be an inclusive clinical leader, not a “medical” leader in the more narrow sense, i.e., a leader of physicians.

The Medical Director promotes the quality of care. S/he is responsible for establishing and maintaining the OMHC standards of care on both clinical and programmatic levels. S/he may oversee the OMHC quality management program.

The Medical Director stands side-by-side with the CEO when highly visible “critical incidents” occur. Under these circumstances, the Medical Director lends professional expertise, credibility, and authority to unfortunate and very public situations which can be difficult to manage from a public relations and political point of view. Additionally, the Medical Director, as part of his/her other functions, (in areas related to clinical risk management activities) should significantly contribute to the prevention of such incidents. The Medical Director, through his/her professional expertise and knowledge, provides clinical credibility for the department to a wide range of internal and external audiences, constituencies, customers, regulatory bodies, other state agencies, etc. In this role, the Medical Director is also one of the OMHC essential troubleshooters, being available to be dispatched by the CEO to manage difficult and complex situations which arise in the course of administering a State Mental Health Agency.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for identifying, selecting, and implementing clinical evidence-based best practices and programs
  2. Develops and implements statewide clinical policies, procedures, protocols and practice standards
  3. Establishes and maintains appropriate standards for diagnosis and treatment, including therapeutic modalities and prescribing practices
  4. Ensuring medical aspects of quality management
  5. Conducts psychiatric assessment and diagnostic examinations
  6. Oversees linkage between primary care/ “physical” health system and between behavioral health care system, etc.
  7. Prescribes and provides medication management; Counsel on the benefits and the side effects of taking the recommended medications as well as the effects of not taking medication
  8. Oversees recruitment and retention, hiring, training, and supervising of the clinical privileged and credentialed therapist and registered nurse
  9. Serves primary role in utilization management, level of care determination, arbitration of clinical appeals, etc.
  10. Monitors physicians prescribing practices, pharmacy benefit/formulary management, and implementation of medication algorithms
  11. Provides linkages to professional and academic communities
  12. Provides linkages to accrediting and monitoring bodies and agencies
  13. Provides On-Call and Crisis Intervention Services
  14. Provides adequate physician coverage
  15. Assures adequate clinical supervision of staff
  16. Other services as necessary


  1. Confer at least one hour per week with CEO and/or COO to develop or improve policies and procedures pertaining to standard of treatment and care
  2. Conduct in-service training sessions for staff as designated by CEO/COO
  3. Participate in any company recommended training


Board Certified or Eligible in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry/Adult Psychiatry

Graduate from an approved American Medical College or College of Osteopathy (all graduates of foreign medical schools must have certification by Educational Council-Foreign Medical Graduates, or a full and unrestricted State License to practice medicine)

Completed an American Medical Association approved residency-training program in psychiatry

Licensed to practice medicine in the state Maryland

Experience in working with chronic mentally ill population

Experience working in outpatient/inpatient mental health settings

Ability to work extended hours/weekends including various shits based on business needs