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Intake Referral Coordinator

Intake Referral Coordinator

Full-Time Non-Exempt

Services Description

Intake Referral Coordinator (IRC) Job Purpose: The Intake Referral Coordinator is responsible for tracking the process of new and returning individuals being referred for services to RIMS from referral to the point of completing their first therapy appointment. The IRC maintains a database system that tracks client appointments scheduled and completed, so as to assist the agency with meeting COMAR REGULATIONS regarding time frames for determining client eligibility for services and the agency in fact initiating services for such eligible clients. In addition, the IRC facilitates obtaining initial authorization and re-authorizations for services.

Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Upon receiving new or returning client Referral Form, enters client information into Intake Tracking Spreadsheet
  2. Verifies insurance eligibility & obtains authorization for services (intake & evaluation)
  3. Enter information on census spreadsheet
  4. Updates the Intake Tracking Spreadsheet as intakes and evaluations are completed
  5. After 2 weeks of unsuccessful attempts to call by telephone and reschedule no-show intakes, send a letter attempting to contact the client to reschedule
  6. Documents reschedule of intake attempts on Documentation form in medical record/log and/or in AMS
  7. After 30 days of not being able to schedule intake – inform Program Director, close the case; Update Intake Tracking System & Census
  8. Initiates OMS Process for all new and existing clients
  9. Enters OMS information into Value Options system & request authorization for recommended services
  10. Follows-up with Program Director regarding case assignments & updates Intake Spreadsheet
  11. Follows-up with assigned therapists regarding first therapy session being completed & updates Intake Spreadsheet
  12. Follows-up with Program Director regarding delays in completed first client therapy session. Close case as indicated by Program Director & update Census & Intake Spreadsheet
  13. Responsible for getting re-authorization for client services as scheduled and processing client discharges
  14. Responsible for faxing and tracking Primary Adult Care (PAC) application upon completion of all uninsured consumers
  15. Responsible for reporting PAC coverage to medical biller
  16. Completes PRP case assignments in timely fashion
  17. Forward all eligible PRP candidates to Program Director/ COO after intake is completed. Update census of new PRP candidates
  18. Track timeline for PRP Rehabilitation Plans and renewal due dates
  19. Develop tickler system for reauthorizations reminders
  20. Verifies all consent forms are complete and current
  21. Perform urine samples for drug screenings
  22. Coordinates all discharge paperwork and enters Discharge OMS into VO, Census and AMS
  23. Assists CEO with Special Projects as assigned
  24. Completes other duties as assigned


  1. Confer at least one hour per week with Program Director to develop or improve the intake process.
  2. Participate in any company recommended training

In order to perform the job of Intake Referral Coordinator, the individual must be familiar with the ICD-9-CM, ICPM, DSM-IV AND CPT-/HCPCS universal coding systems. These different numeric systems are designed to provide a description of the patient’s condition and specific services rendered by the health care provider in such a way as to eliminate any chance of misrepresentation by other parties.

In addition to their administrative duties, the Intake Referral Coordinator is also required to provide a variety of customer service functions. These include answering client questions about the intake process and steps needed to become enrolled in mental health services.


Education: High School diploma (college courses/degree a plus)

Strong working knowledge of Value Options Provider Connect systems preferred

Strong written and verbal communication skills with attention to detail

Exceptional organizational skills and time management skills

Proficiency of MS Word and Excel and an understanding of all MS Office applications. Must be able to create, edit, improve and manipulate content/presentation in all products

Flexibility to work extended hours/weekends including various shifts based on business needs